Hockey Equipment ABC's 

Floor Hockey develops agility, hand-eye coordination, teamwork and fitness. Students love the floor hockey unit in PE and can play indoors or outdoors. Hockey is a life-long sport that can be played from age 5- 75. Get started on a lifetime of physical activity with quality equipment from Shield. 

How To Measure Sticks

Shield uses the American method of measuring sticks. Place a stick against the wall and measure from the top of the stick to the heel of the blade. 

30" or less Pre-K
31" - 36" Elementary School
42" - 45" Middle School
50" - 56" High School/Collegiate 

Indoor Hockey Sets 

Maximize the use of your gym with specially designed Shield Indoor Hockey Sets and you'll offer your students a fun, safe and economical way to play indoors. Blades are thinner for use on wood floors, and with our optional Indoor Team Hockey Circuit Sets, you can teach teamwork, agility, hand-eye coordination, cooperation, and communication with a proven lesson plan. 

Outdoor Hockey Sets

Shield Outdoor Hockey Sets offer a fun, safe and economical way to play hockey outdoors. Choose from our ABS plastic shaft (Elementary or Middle School); strong wood shaft (Middle School or High School/Collegiate); or the lightweight and powerful aluminum shaft (Middle School or High School/Collegiate). All shafts are combined with our thick plastic-reinforced outdoor blades that are built to stand up to any outdoor surface.

Shaft Materials

PLASTIC This durable material is lightweight, easy to care for and school district friendly. 

WOOD The traditional material for hockey sticks, wood is strong and economical. 

ALUMINUM This advanced material blends the best of both worlds. Lightweight, strong and will last for many years.

LTG Indoor and Outdoor Hockey Sets 

LTG LifeTime Guarantee

LTG stands for LifeTime Guarantee, and these are the strongest and most durable sticks in the world! Made in the USA, the LTG is a cost-effective, strong, and durable stick. The LTG will not crack, break, or splinter because of the tough plastic shaft which is reinforced by a fiberglass dowel. Shafts are guaranteed for life.