Hockey Equipment ABCs

How To Measure Sticks

Shield uses the American method of measuring sticks. Place a stick against the wall and measure from the top of the stick to the heel of the blade.

30" or lessPre-K
31" - 36"Elementary School
42" - 45"Middle School
50" - 56"High School/Collegiate

Indoor Hockey Sets

Max the use of your gym with specially made Shield Indoor Hockey Sets and you'll offer your students a fun, safe and economical way to play indoors. Blades are thinner for use on wood floors, and with our optional Indoor Team Hockey Circuit Sets, you can teach teamwork, agility, hand-eye coordination, cooperation, and communication with a proven lesson plan.

Outdoor Hockey Sets

Shield Outdoor Hockey Sets offer a fun, safe and economical way to play hockey outdoors. Choose from our ABS plastic shaft (Elementary or Middle School); strong wood shaft (Middle School or High School/Collegiate); or the lightweight and powerful aluminum shaft (Middle School or High School/Collegiate).

All shafts are combined with our thick plastic-reinforced outdoor blades that will keep this gear in play for years. Blades are designed for outdoor use.