Training Hurdles & Barriers
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Training Hurdles & Barriers

Mike Mason Over-n-Under® Training Hurdle

This physical education teacher has a great reputation for innovative products. Hurdle safely swings out of the way on contact. (Cone not included).
Case Quantity: 5

Rainbow Over-n-Under® Training Hurdles

A long-time favorite, the Over-n-Under Training Hurdle has just gone rainbow!
Six brightly colored hurdles fit into any sized cones (cones sold separately) to form a bright and unique training zone. Hurdle safely swings out of the way on contact.
Case Quantity: one set
Color: 6 training hurdles (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)


Shield Barrier

These plastic corrugated barriers can be used to separate bowling lanes, block balls and pucks from traveling under bleachers, mark obstacle courses, act as hurdles for agility games and many other activities. Each barrier is 39" long, 11" high and almost indestructible. Barriers collapse if fallen on, making them safe for all ages. Barriers interlock by tunneling into each other.
Case Quantity: 8